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"Rest is Atrophy"

While we are going through these unprecedented times, The MPH101 staff feels that it is important for each player to use this time to prepare their bodies for competition once the health guidelines are relaxed and we can begin training and playing in tournaments this summer.  Below are some training exercises that you CAN and SHOULD be doing on your own at home.

You should pick several exercises from each category and go through the suggested plan. Make sure you vary the exercise choice, surface you complete them on, as well as the amount of time for each exercise.  Our emphasis in conditioning is to "train the burst".  Baseball is played in quick bursts, anaerobic activity should be given more emphasis than aerobic activity.  Over all the mound trips I have made over the years to talk to a pitcher, I have never once gotten to the mound to see the pitcher out of breath, gasping for air.  Stay in 5 to 15 second bursts for the explosive type exercises.  We are trying to train the body to load and unload quickly while learning to remove muscle slack as they work through different movement patterns.

If you are a serious ball player,  who really wants to be an exceptional player, you will attack this training regimen and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Not necessarily because you want to, but because you have to in order to continue your baseball journey "up the ladder".


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