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I'm going to share a story with you about adversity, hard work and paradigm shifts. The story is about an average little league player that had big dreams about playing baseball at the highest collegiate level. Unfortunately, he had many hurdles in front of him,such as size, average athleticism and little talent. Conventional wisdom dominates the way to evaluate and develop a pitcher. I was always told that the pitching greats were born with their talents and that it could not be learned or taught. You either had "it" or you didn't. My son Will is left-handed and at an early age fell in love with baseball and though he showed real promise early on with hand eye coordination and the ability to throw the ball accurately he did not have "it." 

So I did what every other dad was doing and invested in pitching instruction to teach him repeatable mechanics and to throw strikes. Mission accomplished! He had great success throughout his little league career and I thought that was all he needed.  It was not until he started playing travel ball that I REALIZED I WAS WRONG. He was 10 years old at this point and though he could throw strikes, he was over matched in travel ball. Will couldn't break a pane of glass.

The kids having success were visibly throwing the ball harder than Will. One in particular stood out at every tournament he played in. This player was throwing the ball 5 to 7 MPH faster than everyone in the travel league.

His name was Jack Dragum and he was amazing. He was coached by his father and Hunter Hoy. They had developed a system using programming methods and protocols from baseball throwing gurus such as Ron Wolforth, Dr. Mike Marshall and Paul Nyman. I was introduced to them by a good friend and decided to sign my son up for one  of their athletic pitcher classes.

I remember the first night I was there, observing these boys doing all of these strange routines, nothing I had ever seen before on a baseball field. They were doing all types of explosive, timed interval exercises, varying sprints from their belly, from their back, all max intent short burst actions. It was all very foreign to me, so I was very skeptical. In fact, I recall not seeing them throw a ball until over  30 minutes  had passed  They would begin throwing with colored balls of different sizes and weights with maximum intent at a block wall.  After they spent

15 to 20 minutes doing that they were  then recorded on video and given motor skill analysis individually. Finally, they were measured using a radar gun. I remember how stunned I was when they pulled the radar gun out. It was the first time Will had ever been clocked and I was nervous for him. Jack and the other boys were throwing the ball 65 - 67 MPH while Will managed to touch 60.It was at that moment I knew we were in the right place.


I knew that for Will to pitch at an elite level we needed to make a leap of faith and buy into this process. Later after we left I asked Will what he thought of the class. I remember him being drenched with sweat and telling me he loved it. That was eight years ago. The program has evolved significantly since then and so did Will. MPH101 has produced many collegiate pitchers in the area. In fact, one in particular is my son Will. A kid who is not 6ft tall, who can throw 91 MPH off the mound and has topped out at 97.3 MPH with a pull down.  He also became the best athlete on his 3x state championship Hanover High School baseball team.  Will received a division 1 baseball scholarship from Virginia Military Institute and will pitch in the Southern Conference. Additionally, he is ranked the #10 LHP in Virginia by Perfect Game and #7 LHP by Prep baseball. His dream to play division 1 baseball came true because he owned the process and he trusted the process.


I am 100% certain that dream would not have become a reality had we not decided to attend MPH101.

                                                                                                                                                  Bill Lopez

My son has attended MPH101 for the past 3 years. During that time I've watched him grow and develop in both confidence and ability.

When starting MPH101 his velocity was in the low 70's range, he now throws consistently 85-87 consistently due to the guidance of Coach Hunter Hoy and Coach Charlie Dragum His mechanics are considerably more different now than when he began The biggest takeaway for me is the durability and strength that comes from doing this program.

I would highly recommend MPH101 for any parent that is  looking for a targeted program geared towards injury prevention and overall strength.

                                                                Bruce Wallace

The MPH101 program is an intense throwing program that teaches proper techniques/mechanics, proper arm care/recovery, and allows a player to improve as a player and athlete. In addition, players develop functional strength, and learn how to maximize their potential both physically and mentally.  Our son not only went from 80 mph to touching 90+ mph, he developed a work ethic and self-confidence that he has taken with him into college and life.  this program not only benefits pitchers, but any player that strives to improve their game and compete at a higher level.  As a former pitcher and current middle school coach, I highly recommend the MPH101 program offered by Coach Dragum and Coach Hoy.

                                  Matthew Moore

I have been fortunate enough to be a part of Coach Dragum and Coach Hoy's throwing program since I was 12 years old and I can advocate that they are two of the most dedicated coaches I have seen in this game that care about the mental and physical development of each individual player.


                                                                                                          Grey Lyttle

Due to three Hanover senior starting pitchers graduating, my son would have to pitch for the first time his upcoming senior year.  Coaches Dragum and Hoy prepared him mentally and mechanically during the off  season.  The result: VIRGINIA ALL-STATE PITCHER.  Enough said!!!! 

                                                                                             Rick and Denise Long

Moving fast, technique and form are certainly valuable things taught in MPH101.  However the most important lesson our son has learned from Coach Hoy and Coach Dragum is to not let anyone tell you that you can't do something because you're too small.  Our son is currently 5'10 and 165 lbs and has gained over  20 mph in the last 4 years while learning how to take care of his arm.  It is an investment that is well worth it!

                                                                                                  Russ and Judy Anderson

Undoubtedly, Coach Dragum and Coach Hoy have the ability to  ensure that each athlete reach their potential.  Their energy and enthusiasm is contgagious.  Their training not only builds a knowledgeable,strong/well conditioned athlete, but their approach, more importantly builds confidence and leadership skills that will prepare them for the future.  Highly recommended!

                                            Amy and Johnny Gregory

Coach Charlie Dragum and Coach Hunter  Hoy are true professionals in arm care, pitching mechanics and mental preparation that provides a proven foundation in  advancing a pitcher to the next level.  It helped launch my son Logan to not only have a successful high school career but also creating the opportunity to play at the college level.  He is now in his second year at a D1 program, while there are many factors that contribute to his success, I have no doubt that MPH101 provided him a great foundation in work ethic, pitching mechanics, and arm care. 

                                                                                                                                               Byron and Kathy Barker

I have had the pleasure of coaching youth travel baseball for the last 7 seasons.  Throughout that time our focus has never been on wins and losses but instead on the overall development of these young men. That could not be more true this season with our 12 U team. The development of the arms and getting ready for the big field was a core desire for the entire group.  We were fortunate enough to have Coach Dragum and Coach Hoy work with our boys for a 6 week throwing program this fall.  I can't speak highly enough about the  experience.  The knowledge they bring to the table regarding arm care, throwing efficiencies and motor learning/skill acquisition is second to none in this region.  the sessions were dynamic and very high energy.  The standard throwing ques and  "pitching positions" was non existent.  Instead the boys were instructed to move with high intent (with and without constraints) to accomplish set goals while allowing their bodies to self-organize to get the job done!  Having knowledge is one thing, being able to execute the ideas and then optimize them in a practice setting is another.  Our team goals have been set and we will be working the rest of the travel year to get them accomplished! 

"If you train like everyone else does, you get the same results everyone else gets."

                                                                                                                                           Yuri Namkoong

MPH101 is more than a velocity class.  They use science and some of  the best technology available to create individualized assessments and plans for each athlete. Hanover has had dozens of athletes train at MPH101, and while their velocity has risen drastically, athletes have also reported back with better command mixed with better overall arm health. 

Most local academies have "armcare" programs.  The biggest thing that separates MPH101 from their competitors is Charlie Dragum and Hunter Hoy's thirst for knowledge.  They are two lifelong learners who are always getting better. As a result, MPH101 changes every year with the release of new scientific studies and improved motor learning strategies. 


                                                                                                                                                Tyler Kane                                                                                                                                                

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