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Each summer most baseball players are part of a traditional travel or showcase team. Most teams typically play five or six tournaments a summer and may practices once per-week. Many of the games are at an off site field miles away from the main venue of the event...where you don't typically see many college coaches.. The brand of baseball is laid back and most of the players basically are following the herd. This scenario plays out every weekend each summer across the country.  Players are praying to get an opportunity to play four more years in college and parents are shelling out lots of money for promised exposure for this opportunity.


In our opinion this is a flawed system.



For a player to get recruited he must measure up to upper level objective feedback. These include but not limited to arm strength(mph),exit velocity and foot speed. College coaches are also becoming more frustrated with players who can not excel within a team style of baseball...bunting, moving runners, base running reads and so on.  Players not understanding how to play winning baseball has become an issue. If the measurables aren't there then the player most likely will not be recruited. If the intangibles are not present then they most likely won't get on the field if they get the opportunity to play at the next level.


This coming fall MPH101 is introducing a different paradigm for our 13U,14U,15U,and 16U teams. We will be implementing a completely different culture based around true development and a unique opportunity to be evaluated by college coaches. The program will provide two practice a week for four of the months. One practice will be held inside developing skill and ability development. The other practice will be held outside developing team concepts. Expect more from your travel team.

                                                                                                                 -Charlie Dragum


If you are looking to add a wood bat into your training routine, we have a large selection of MPH101  33 inch wood bats from LV Lumber available for purchase.

Cost: $125

Contact Rob Grimes  at

Unassigned: 2023
Hunter Hoy: 2024
Charlie Dragum: 2025
Rob Grimes: 2025
Tyler Kane: 2026
Bryant Lowry: 13U
Matt Walton: 12U
Joe Meador: 9U
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