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velocity  durablity  command


We are long time secondary educators with a combined 52 years of teaching experience.  The past sixteen years we have been coaching a successful high school program in the state of Virginia, Hanover High School.  Years ago, we realized the importance of developing pitchers and keeping them healthy.  We began utilizing the Athletic Pitcher Program from Ron Wolforth as well as ideas from many other leaders in the field of pitching instruction.  We are now teaching the techniques and motor learning concepts we have learned over the past 10 years while continually adding new and innovative strategies to our training methods.  

We are active learners and believe one  of our greatest assets is our teaching experience.  We work with kids every day, and through those relationships, feel as though we can dial in to what helps motivate our players to push through difficult training routines and develop their unique skillset to become more explosive, efficient and durable throwing athletes.

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