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velocity  durablity  command

At MPH101 our tagline is velocity, durability and command and mirrors our core principles of development.  We utilize training techniques based primarily upon dynamic systems with a constraints led approach to improving each student's movement patterns.  This is not a one size fits all methodology to throwing a baseball where one ideal mechanical model is prescribed for every player.  

The training environment is designed to push the athlete to the edge of their comfort zone and continually try to challenge the student to adapt to changing goals and environment.   While the training environment is ever changing during training sessions, improvement of performance is objectively measured throughout the camp. A friend of ours, Ron Wolforth of the Texas Baseball Ranch has said numerous times, "If you want to improve something, you must find a way to objectively measure it." Aside from a Stalker Radar/LED used to measure velocity, we will be using Rapsodo Baseball to evaluate pitch movement and development.  For analysis purposes we incorporate high speed video feedback as well as use of our newly acquired 4DMotion system which uses sensors that are placed on the body to provide greater insight into a players movement patterns, such as the player's kinematic sequence of their delivery.  We have several other tools that we are currently planning on implementing soon to keep taking our assessment of player performance to  a higher level. 

We hope you will consider training with us.  We can promise you this, we will work hard to help your son improve their performance in a positive environment that promotes a growth mindset.  However, it will not be easy.  It is not for everyone. You will have some tough sessions that challenge you, and you will also have times that you "fail." But this is  a good thing, as failure provides opportunity to grow and become a better player.

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