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We are pleased to announce formation of a new MPH101 hitting program that incorporates Dynamic Systems motor learning concepts with a Constraints Led Approach.


The class will incorporate functional training to help build explosiveness and efficient movement patterns, as well as a unique learning environment to help the player build a more efficient swing.  An initial assessment completed during the first session will be used to design an individualized plan for improvement.


Each player will receive:

  1. Swing analysis using slo-motion 2d video (standard  practice)

  2. Swing Analysis captured using 4DMotion/KVEST sensors and software to breakdown kinematic sequence and many more aspects of the swing that cannot be evaluated with 2D video or the “naked eye”.

  3. Training using implicit motor learning techniques as well as Constraint Led Approach for Strike recognition.

  4. More swing data such as swing quickness, distance barrel is in the zone, applied power, launch angle etc, using The Blast Motion Sensor.

  5. Rapsodo Hitting swing metrics.

  6. Mental game training using technology that is currently being used on the PGA tour to develop a consistent pre pitch routine and help player to “get in the zone” with deep focus when they are in the box.

Each session will be led by Coach Tyler Kane, Coach Yuri Namkoong and Coach Dave Clay.  They will also be assisted by Coach Hoy and Coach Dragum. Class size will be limited to no more than 16 students.