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WIN VR Coming Soon to MPH101!!

We are excited to announce that soon we will be integrating WIN VR into our training protocols to help provide objective data to provide insight into our players current abilities and help provide a plan for improvement.

Traditionally, most hitters train their hitting ability through standard practices of tee work, some sort of front toss/underhand toss and then the good ole' 40/40/40 routine...that is 40 year old guy, standing 40 ft away, and throwing 40 mph. I am not saying this is totally bad and worthless, but as coaches we always wonder why Johnny looks like a million bucks in the cage but we get upset when he can't hit 85+ mph on the outside corner.

The fact of the matter is...none of the traditional training methods above really simulate the time/pressure constraints that a batter faces in a real game. Even hitting on a pitching machine, that will help simulate velocity and breaking balls is an improvement, it still does not address factors such as release point focus and overall rhythm and timing of your swing.

This is where Virtual Reality systems are starting to fill the void, and helping to provide training opportunities that simulate what a player will see in a game, and objectively measuring your abilities.

Training Exercises we can utilize with the WIN VR system:

Early pitch recognition training

Timing Training

Zone Accuracy Training

Release Point Training

Swing Decision Training

The system will objectively measure the players abilities in these areas and provide reports we can generate and share with the players. It also allows the coach to randomly select pitches and train towards a player's weaknesses.

Aside from hitting work, we can use the WIN VR system to aid pitcher's with their pitch design when combined with another piece of technology coming soon to MPH101, the Yakkertech Camera/software. With the Yakkertech, we can capture a player's pitch data, (similar to the Rapsodo we have but WAY BETTER) and unlike Rapsodo, we own the data. We can take that data that is stored into a .CSV file and load it into a generic model provided by WIN VR. That model becomes the player and he can now see how his pitches look like from a RH or LH batter's perspective. This should allow the pitcher to get a better understanding on how to shape his pitch's better in order to help his game performance.

And catcher's can also benefit from the use of WIN VR as they can simulate catching different pitcher's with varying arm slots and stuff.

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