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Why Less is More

We were attending The Texas Baseball Ranch's Elite Pitching Coach's Boot Camp in Houston several years ago when we heard those words found on the home page, spoken by Dr. Bosch. It was a trans-formative moment with regards to how we work with our student's in developing their throwing ability.

In that presentation, Bosch questioned the effectiveness of traditional practices used by coaches to work with players. That is, what we often refer to as the "Command and Demand" process of teaching. You have seen it. Most of us have practiced it at one point in time in our coaching careers. We know we did. We will discuss the weaknesses in this training approach in a future blog post. And we are not suggesting that the coach should never say a word to their player about their movement patterns.

Dr. Bosch went on to say, that 100's of research studies demonstrated that verbal instruction can actually be a hindrance to skill acquisition, especially in explosive complex movements such as hitting or pitching a baseball. In short, when we are instructing these activities with our players through "Command and Demand", we are cognitively tying them up with mostly internal thoughts about mechanics while they are trying to perform complex movements that

take place in very short time frame.

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