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MPH101 Welcomes Rob Grimes

MPH101 would like to announce that Rob Grimes will be partnering with us in the development of MPH101 travel teams in 2019. Coach Grimes, a former Hall-of-Fame player at Virginia Commonwealth University will be spearheading the formation of our travel program and will also coach our 16U team in 2019.

Rob was also an invaluable member of our staff at Hanover High School the past two seasons, where he helped Hanover continue to develop an aggressive offensive approach on the base paths as well as work with our infielders on their skill work. He will be the point man for our travel program, and will coordinate tryout dates, tournament entries as well as information regarding hotel reservations.

More Information will be coming out soon about tryouts for our 16U team as well as the other MPH teams that will be forming in 2019. If you are interested in finding out more information about joining our program, you can contact us at va.mph101@gmail.com

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