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"We Can Come to You!"

The MPH101 two day comprehensive boot camp is designed to help each player identify physical and mechanical inefficiencies and develop an individualized training plan to address areas in need of improvement. MPH101 uses current motor learning principles to help each player learn to improve mechanical inefficiencies, it is not a one-model-fits-all approach but adheres to the principle of individuality.  No two players have ever thrown the same and no player throws exactly the same way twice. The goal of the MPH101 boot camp is to provide the player a toolbox of drills and information so he can begin his own individualized training program and continue to improve over the next several months.    


Each player will complete the following:

  •          Functional movement and Posture screen (Kinetisense)

  •          Pain Assessment

  •          Throwing efficiency assessment  (4D Motion Capture and 2D Video)

  •          Constraint based drills to address mechanical issues

  •          MPH101 Arm Care protocols

  •          MPH101 functional strength and conditioning protocols

  •           Long Toss Assessment

  •           Velocity Assessment

  •           Pitch design with Rapsodo Baseball and high speed camera

  •           Recovery concepts


Parents are welcome to accompany their athlete during this program.


Location: Your Site Date:   TBA

Ages: 13 years and older Cost: $500.00/ player

 (10 player minimum - 14 player max preferred)


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8:30 AM                           Registration


9:00-10:15                        MPH101 Program Explanation & Efficiencies Presentation


10:20-11:00                      Functional Warm-Up/ Throw (general observation)/ 2D video


11:00-12:00                      Lunch Break


12:00-1:00                        Kinetisense Posture and Movement Screens Completed



1:00-1:10                          Mindset Video


1:15-2:45                          MPH101 acquisition of throwing drills with variations    

                                          4D Motion Capture off mound/ Velocity Assessment


2:45-3:15                           Recovery Routine





9:00-9:30                            Review of Individual Plans


9:30- 10:00                         Q and A from Day One


10:00-10:10                        Mindset


10:15-12:15                       MPH Training Session

·                                         Dynamic warmup

                                          Functional Training and Arm Care

                                           Drills and Remediation Period

                                           Rapsodo Baseball



12:30 - 1:00                       Q and A

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